Environmental Ethos

RESET Telluride believes in the healing power of our natural, untamed lands. We cannot succeed in our mission to help guests create lasting lifestyle changes through sustainable wellness unless we do our part to protect those wild spaces.


Responsible Sourcing

Supply chains consume a large amount of resources and are therefore responsible for a disproportionately large share of the world’s carbon emissions. In an effort to keep our carbon footprint small, we are making to keep to source materials from local and regional markets.

At RESET responsible sourcing also includes ensuring products are produced under safe, fair, and humane working conditions.


Zero Single-Use Plastics

Plastic was meant to last forever, but most of it is only used once. Much of this single-use plastic ends up in our natural environments, and that has negative effects on everyone. As such, all products at RESET are carefully selected to ensure that they do not contain wasted plastics. This practice also extends to any products made from sustainable paper, wood, and cotton.


Sustainable Practices

Responsible environmental practices aren’t limited to plastic waste reduction and mindful sourcing. RESET endeavors to address all aspects of our environmental impact, including minimizing waste production, conserving energy or investing in renewable energy, and vetting all vendors for their responsible environmental standards, their charitable initiatives, and their commitment to minimizing their carbon footprint. 


1% for the Planet

RESET believes in the importance of conscious philanthropy. As part of our charitable initiatives, we are committed to a standing contribution to the global movement, 1% For The Planet, to support environmental nonprofits. We further support this organization’s mission through local activism, adult education, and sustainable business practices.